Coriell 2013 Results

Families and students,

I have the pleasure of reporting that not only did we have very good representation at the Coriell fair, but several of our students were awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize, or honorable mention.  Most of these students will also go on to the Delaware Valley Science Fair.  The students were as follows (no particular order):

  • Holly T.
  • Verity C.
  • Gabrielle S.
  • Nathanael C.
  • Stephen C.
  • Nate H.
  • Jamilyn D.
  • Kyle H.
  • Alexander M.
  • Kerri M.
  • Courtney G.
  • Joanna C.
  • Spencer H.
  • Meredith M.

Hopefully I didn’t miss anyone (please let me know if I did).  And I would add that during the special awards portion of the awards ceremony, perhaps 1/4 of the students on the stage were from our homeschool group!  A great showing given the number of students at the fair – I was so pleased to see many of our students, some who are first-timers, do so well.

Finally, below is a link to some local press (thanks to Beth H.) on the Coriell fair that features a few of our students.  Thanks to everyone who participated this year.  And, for those participating at Delaware Valley, please let me know how you do.

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