Form 1B, etc.

Some of you have asked about filling out Form 1B for the homeschool fair.  Just to clarify, the new homeschool application is a simple one page application.  In the past, we required Form 1B (needed for Coriell), which indicates that you understand the safety rules and will abide by them.  This year, rather then require that form for the homeschool fair, the homeschool registration form has a place for parents to sign and indicate that they understand the safety rules.

It is important for all parents to be aware of any potential safety issues, hazardous materials, and the rules governing proper handling of bacteria, etc. (if the experiment includes such things).  No hazardous materials should be brought to the science fair.  And if in fact you are using materials that require special approval on Form 1B (i.e., more than just parental approval), please let me know.  Generally, those students are doing more complex experiments and they need to be filling and abiding by Form 1B anyway (with Coriell).

Remember, for Coriell, you still need to fill out Form 1B.  I hope that helps!

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