At each science fair, students present their project using a Display Board.  It is generally expected a student would also be ready to show the following to the judges:

  • Copies of the Abstract (a brief description of the project) if any judges want a copy
  • Scientific Journal (typically a composition notebook written in pen, with no erasure) keeping track of ideas, measurements, data, conclusions, etc.
  • A Project Report summarizing the project

The display board and project report generally include some combination of the following:

  • Question asked
  • Hypothesis
  • Summary of Materials used
  • Methods – a summary of the process followed
  • Controls and Variables – summary of which inputs to the experiment were held constant or were varied
  • Data and Results
  • Conclusions
  • Future Studies – a summary of prospective ideas
  • Some students will also place their abstract on their display board

Remember, for almost all experiments, it is important to demonstrate that one variable was changed at a time as measurements were taken (this may not apply for certain engineering projects).  Below are pictures of sample science boards from various past projects – please click on any picture to start a slideshow: