Register for the 2021 Fair!

Hello students and families,

If you are interested in participating in the 2021 fair – scheduled for late February 2021 – you should be in the process of planning your project and completing the application forms.  A simple form is needed for just participating in the home school science fair, and online forms are needed for also participating in the Coriell fair (6th – 12th grade).  To register for the home school science fair, click here.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19, it is still not clear what the format of the fair will be. We anticipate some kind of online (perhaps Zoom) format. More details to come when we have them.

For ideas for your project, feel free to ask other students, parents, or email Jon Weisbrod at [email protected], or Roy Costa at [email protected].  Remember that, generally, a project must isolate all variables and change just one variable at a time (with measurements) to be considered a true science fair project. The only exception to this rule is for engineering type projects, e.g., designing a better mouse trap. More information can be found here.

Important: please submit your application for all grades by December 31.

Thanks and good luck!

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